Wardrobe Challenge - 10 a Day

Thanks to this who participated in the first wardrobe challenge.

To keep things going this week I thought we might go back to an old Wardrobers slogan, ten a day. So here is the new challenge, try to wardrobe 10 items a day this week. Doesn't matter if they are new or old or a little of both. The idea though is to push your wardrobe closer to done by adding just 10 new items each day.

To share the items, create a new tag, maybe call it TenADayChallenge and apply it to the items you upload this week. Next Sunday (or sometime early next week) create a shared link for the items with that special tag and post it as a comment on this blog post. Show off your progress, and all the fancy stuffs you have been uploading with the group.

You can delete the tag later after the challenge is complete and people have had a chance to check out your progress.  Good luck and happy wardrobing!!


  1. Oh this is going to be hard...but fun!!

  2. Maybe the third time's a charm.

    First 2,I forgot to set permisions.

    Forgot to post this at the beginning so here it is now.


    Well, apparently, I cannot make hyperlinks. Sorry guys.

  3. http://www.carlyletheassolutions.com/wardrobe/wardrobe.php?owner=d9d7368d-131a-4dc3-bcf0-1e7015e3dee8&ownername=Nanci+Barthelmess&t=8bb1259af0df584022969e00d6588b407f295b44

  4. http://www.carlyletheassolutions.com/wardrobe/wardrobe.php?owner=06fff810-720c-4a93-b44b-e8138977f87e&ownername=hediyegift+resident&t=f0ae4e503b83eee5340e8ce83900cd2bdca2bf2e

    Had to create the link with the tag already selected, and just choose the items shown to be included in the tag...I'm learning! Great challenge, thanks Butta, for helping me finish off the remnants of wardrobing I needed to do!

  5. For some reason my name don't show when I comment...But Celestine Ghiardie here. This was a tough challenge! But I made it...sorta. It's only a few hours into Monday anyway.

    Here are my 70 items wardrobed the past week :)

  6. Thanks to everyone for participating!! Looks like some awesome work, and lots of wardrobing going on the last 7 days.


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