Bellisseria Awesome!

The new Linden Homes community on the Bellisseria continent is open now and full of active residents. The Linden's and Mole's who have been working hard on this new area have done an amazing job of including some spectacular community areas as well as some truly lovely views. And lets not forget all of the amazing work residents are doing to make the community look simply awesome!

I want to try and collect up all of the little parks and pools and vistas that people can visit around the continent of Bellisseria. This is the start of that list. I named each of them based on the region they are in and occasionally some sort of nearby feature. There are other lists, like this one on the Linden Homes Community forum with lot's more areas people have found, but I am going to keep this list up to date as I find new areas. If you have some suggestions of places for me to visit just hit me up in world (seanabrady Resident) and lets explore.
Squishy Pickle Beach Bar @ Navigation
Squishy Pickle Beach Bar @ Brodovima
Sorensen Rock Picnic Area
Undersea Stove
Long forgotten on the sea bed, this stove still works just fine. Oh and more standing rocks.. nice!
Maple Cross Picnic Patio
Spector Walled Garden
Reed's Landing Beach
Reed's Lading Patio Garden
Wheelhouse Point Beach
I LOVE the standing rocks here and in a few other scattered places.
Heirlong Beach
Downing Falls Hedge Maze
Downing Falls Couples Garden
Fourze Trellis Garden & Shed
This is where the Moles keep all the gardening supplies!
Fourze Boat House
Fourze really has some nice areas along the coast especially
Graff Public Beach
This is a particularly nice beach to take a stroll on.
Dorma Point Beach
Venber Garden Park
Be sure to bring a vehicle and enjoy the drive along the north shore of Belliseria
Rutherford Pier
Abiatti Standing Stones and Underwater World4
Look for the chair on a high perch and the under sea home.
Rutherford Pond
Stross Dock
Squishys Cuddle Canoe
It's not really squishy, nor is it a canoe.
Sutherfield Hill Beach
This is an interesting spot. Quite unlike many of the other areas around the continent in how much space there is between the boats and the other houses.

Public Rez Zones (Water)

Plafil Waters Rez Zone
Baxby Gulf Rez Zone
Norse Auk Rez Zone
Springhurst Gulf Rez Zone - Soooo many crabs!
Calm Waves Rez Zone
Echo Cove Rez Zone
Washburn Rez Zone
SSPE88 Rez Zone
Coral Waters Rez Zone
Noggin Light Rez Zone

Public Rez Zones (Land)

SSPE79 Rez Zone
SSPE43 Rez Zone
SSPE94 Rez Zone
SSPE184 Rez Zone
SSPE69 Rez Zone
SSPE133 Rez Zone
SSPE180 Rez Zone
SSPE74 Rez Zone
SSPE228 Rez Zone
SSPE259 Rez Zone
SSPE194 Rez Zone
SSPE146 Rez Zone
SSPE115 Rez Zone
SSPE83 Rez Zone
SSPE68 Rez Zone
SSPE62 Rez Zone

Public Rez Zones (Airfields)

Dog Bone Island Airfield

Interesting Places

The Bellisserian Offices
Bellisseria's very own newspaper.
The Drowned Mouse
Pub, arcade, swminning pool!  So much to enjoy.
Queens Head Public House
I think we have a friendly pub battle brewing...see what i did there. brewing.. um.
The Red Lion Pub
New public house in Belliseria for gathering and socializing.
Everfaire Coffee Shop
Cute, cute, cute coffee shop in Belliseria (
Belliseria Post Office
Not 100% sure on their package handling skills.
Here Lies (???)(???)
The ghost bush. Belliseria's first death?
Welcome to the Freakshow
Part circus part...something?
The Mousehole by Teager
This is not only a lovely home, but it has an open Horse rezzer for those wishing to tour Belliseria on horseback.
Monerceros Cafe
Super cute coffee shop/cafe hangout in the Stine region of Belliseria
Jake Vordun's Home
Jake is the creator behind Fancy Decor and has done an amazing showcase home in Belliseria.
Yuge Seals
Wildlife in Belesaria. Seals and some gulls. So cute!
The Lab
Every neighborhood needs a drug lab...right?
Apple Pie
This is a home done by the creators at Apple Fall as an "open house" demo for their products.

Resident Shared Homes